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How Smart Entrepreneurs Pivot in the Time of COVID-19

Savvy entrepreneurs are starting or adapting their businesses in response to new consumer behaviors driven by the COVID-19 pandemic by using highly relevant, descriptive and secure TrueName domains.

In order to survive, businesses need to adopt a “digital only” mindset when crafting their branding and marketing strategies. And while the pandemic will eventually end, consumers’ shift to digital and virtual engagement with businesses will not. 

Smart businesses must make the right moves now, prioritizing customer experiences and establishing brand loyalty among an existing and new customer base. 

Successful small businesses and startups are nimble by nature, and we’re seeing strong evidence that entrepreneurs are adapting to the times. We looked at the top website builders and ecommerce platforms, as well as TrueName domain growth trends. It was no surprise to see that website growth is hot in 2020 versus 2019 for each of the top five providers:

Web Building/E-commerce Percentage Growth Year Over Year 2019 – 2020

Sources: Forrester,  ROI Revolution

As small businesses establish or expand their online presence, the crucial domain decision must be made. Finding a brandable, memorable and descriptive domain is a non negotiable step to future proof a digital presence. In times of uncertainty, small businesses need domain options that not only meet their needs, but aren’t excessively expensive. It’s commonly perceived that the combination of these elements does not exist.

While we know the pandemic was driving a significant spike in domain name registrations, we wanted to look more closely at the extensions they were selecting. 

Business owners with varying degrees of knowledge about online optimization understand one fundamental thing; they want to be as close to the top as they can in a Google search for the keywords their customers enter when searching for their product or service. 

What we found as reflected by the top most registered top-level domain extensions secured by businesses between March and June 2020 confirmed a number of pandemic-related trends in consumer behavior; the desire to support small businesses, get almost anything delivered to their door, and to connect with large groups in a way that doesn’t risk spreading the virus. 

Fastest Growth Of TrueName Top-Level Domains March – June 2020

A prime example is Radish, Canada’s fastest-growing restaurant home delivery service. The company uses the domain name to distinguish its service while offering an alternative co-op model that is equitable for restaurants, drivers, and consumers. 

Those who make their living by doing public speaking or professional training found out very quickly that virtual appearances were the only way to keep their businesses going during the pandemic. Many of them turned to Be.Live (, the leading professional live streaming platform. Be.Live has helped its customer base — which has surged by nearly 60% since March — engage with more than 700 million viewers over the last three years. 

And of course the pandemic has turned the education system upside down. With millions of children attending “virtual” classes and colleges and universities struggling to contain new outbreaks, online learning is the new normal. The Engineers Academy ( knows that a flexible, online curriculum helps busy engineering professionals get a leg up in their careers on their own time. 

It will be fascinating to see how small business owners continue to adapt and expand their reach both during and after the pandemic. And while we can’t say with 100% certainty exactly which keywords and top-level domains will trend in the near future, we do know that entrepreneurs will always find new ways to build their businesses and achieve success. 

If you want to register a .boutique, .delivery, or any of the fastest-growing TrueName Top-Level Domains, visit your favorite registrar.

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