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Learn and Replicate the Secrets of Amazon’s Keyword Domain Strategy

We all know when retail behemoths like Walmart or Target move into town small businesses suffer. As we move further toward a world of “digital-only” during COVID, “town” is anywhere that WiFi can reach.  

How will your business withstand the Walmart Effect, now that there are no geographic limits?

Small and medium sized businesses are battling the ever-growing market share being secured by big-box retailers and online marketplaces. Up against billions of dollars of revenue, unmatched buying power and market dominance, how can any new business, bootstrapped or funded, make their mark and capture market share?

Replicate the power of Amazon’s keyword domain name tactic.

The genius strategists at Amazon have employed a deliberate 301 redirect keyword domain name strategy as an organic SEO tactic. This is a strategy available to businesses of any size or sophistication.


Keyword domain tactics like this leverage search behaviors and algorithm insights to capture intent-driven delivery search queries, increasing the odds that searchers end up converting on your website. 


An example could include type-in or voice search for “long beach delivery”, the query can skip the google search results page and land the new customer on same-day delivery page since Amazon owns, rather than bidding on google AdWords to rank for the keyword set. 

By setting up a 301 redirect page, Amazon has linked one domain to another, keeping the SEO value established by, combined with the specificity of the user’s search terms.

Multiple Keyword Domains as 301 Redirects.

Amazon has secured over 100 high value keyword domains, primarily using new top level domains to facilitate this strategy. They fall into three categories:

  1. Geographic. Examples include,,,,,

  2. Natural keyword phrases that are highly valuable for both search engine type-ins and voice search, include,,,,
  3. Keyword sets to optimize the experience of people looking for Amazon or other services under the Amazon umbrella, including,,,,

Amazon is also using keyword domains for its descriptive, keyword-rich, and next-gen offerings with domains like Amazon.Care, Amazon.Jobs,, Prime.Video, and over 100 more as keyword rich 301 redirects.

How Can You Replicate This Strategy For Your Own Business?

  1. Choose a domain registrar. In the U.S., the main players are GoDaddy, NameCheap,, and more.

  2. Search for short, descriptive keyword sets that your ideal customers search for when they look for the product or service you provide.

  3. Use new keyword domain extensions (rather than legacy extensions like .com) to get more effective, memorable and meaningful domains that reflect the products or services you provide. Create your ideal longtail keyword pair by using both the left and the right side of the dot.

  4. Set up your 301 redirect to direct to the relevant page on your website. In most instances, this will be available to you to quickly set up in a few simple clicks after the domain has been purchased.

  5. Attract high purchase-intent customers by positioning your brand as the number one product or service for a high value search query.

Following these straightforward steps can help attract and retain new customers. While it won’t make you a trillion dollar company overnight, you can sure act like one. 

To register your own .delivery, .contact or other highly targeted and accurate TrueName top-level domains, visit or, or any of your other favorite registrars.

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