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Strong Brands Choose Descriptive Domains

According to MicroAcquire founder Andrew Gazdecki, brand marketing is the most valuable skill set for startups in 2021. MicroAcquire is a company that helps founders sell their startups—so when it comes to what makes a brand valuable, they would know. 

Better domain, stronger brand

One of the most crucial steps in building a brand is choosing the right domain as a foundation. Your domain must be short, clear, and memorable. It must represent your brand and mean something to your customers. And it absolutely must set you apart from competitors.

Rather than default to legacy domain extensions like .com, .net, or .org, there’s a new wave of domains that use real words to both the left and right of the dot. 

Domain investor Morgan Linton writes, “The days of needing a .com domain to raise millions of dollars and chart your course to hockey stick growth are over.” The article goes on to spotlight 10 startups who together have raised over $424M, and all of them have non-traditional domain names.


TrueName domains are new domain extensions (to the right of the dot) that offer more authenticity and flexibility for choosing a name that represents you. Now in addition to legacy domain extensions like .com or .net, you can choose something descriptive like .live, .attorney, or .solutions. In fact, TrueName domains include more than 240 options of descriptive domain extensions. 

Not only do TrueName domains help build your brand, they also help protect it. All TrueName domains come with built-in security against domain fraud and phishing attacks.

The strategy behind choosing a great domain

A recent report from Trends says that establishing a strong brand is “the key to unlocking a cult-like following.” Niches are flooded with competition. Five years ago, new companies faced an average of 2.6 competitors. Today that number is 9.7. The question is no longer, “Can I build this?” but instead, “When I build this, will anyone care?”  

The Trends report gives four things to keep in mind while building a unique, creative brand that stands out and inspires people to care:

  • Tell a great story
  • Stand for something
  • Show how
  • Pick a fight

Your domain is part of your brand, so make sure it aligns with your overall strategy. Here’s how choosing a TrueName domain supports each approach:

Your domain tells your story.

Wildly popular aperitif maker Haus built a strong brand based on the story of the founders, which they documented on Twitter. The brand, now established and funded, continues to build on that narrative, featuring the owners in their ads. Their domain says it all:

It shows you stand for something.

 If your brand stands for innovation and a forward-thinking attitude, choose a domain that stands for a new way of doing things, too. Ada, an AI-powered customer service chatbot startup, chose It’s innovative, descriptive and specific, yet flexible enough to remain authentic as they scale and diversify their offerings. 

Your domain conveys who you are and what you do.

Want to showcase your product, service, or value prop every time someone sees your URL? When you use real words to both the left and the right of the dot, your domain itself says what you do. That’s the case with, a streamlined solution for adding video communication, recording, and sharing to apps.

Pick a fight.

The new wave of domains go against the status quo. Smart businesses are leaning in on tech and trends across all aspects of business. In order to stand out, you must be perfectly comfortable disrupting your niche.

It’s easier than ever to get it right

Entrepreneurs have access to an array of free resources, education, and tools. In 2021, branding is your way to set yourself apart—down to the detail.

Choose a TrueName domain that’s memorable and on brand, and also blocks impostors from the start. Search and secure your TrueName domain now.

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