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Minority-Owned Businesses Gain an Edge with TrueName Descriptive Domains

Easy-to-Remember, Descriptive Domains Are Key to Successful Digital Branding and SEO Strategies

Driftaway Coffee’s domain,, is precise and to the point, eliminating the need for additional characters in its URLs. “We’re very passionate about having a descriptive domain,” say Suyog and Anu, co-founders of Driftaway. “With drift, away, and coffee, we can explain our entire business.”

Shawn “Doc Rock” Boyd, community manager of Ecamm, macOS’ live streaming app, doc.rock points out that businesses can also use descriptive domains to direct users to specific content. For example, “doc.rock” takes web users directly to his YouTube channel. When you have a long and convoluted domain name, it makes life difficult,” he says. “If people are searching for livestreaming, and you show up in the search with a short and memorable domain name like, you have a higher likelihood that people will know what you do and click on it.

Rudy Ellis, Switchboard Live CEO, chose a descriptive domain,, during a rebrand to “clearly communicate the live streaming and content space.” He adds that his company, a Google for Startups Black Founders Fund recipient, has also benefited from increased visibility on the web. “Our domain name definitely gives us an advantage. First of all, we know it works for SEO. We get a lot of inbound traffic, and most of it is organic. We attribute that to our domain name,” Ellis says.

AMP Community, a tech company that provides advisory services and accelerator programming for diverse entrepreneurs, uses descriptive domains to help minority business owners find their resources, such as the newly launched of minority founders and VCs.

Wrap Life, which offers authentic African headwraps, chose as its domain. Nnenna Stella, founder, says, “I wanted to have life in the name because it would need to be sold as a lifestyle brand.  After changing to .life, we doubled sales of the previous 10 months in 2 months.  Our domain is different, our product is different. All those things tell a really unique story that our customers love.”

Shannon Morton, CEO of Black Women Lead, which amplifies black women’s voices and partners with nonprofits to meet a range of needs, says their descriptive domain has “supported marketing efforts and branding and has improved search engine optimization (SEO).”

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