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What makes TrueName domains so special?


With over 240 descriptive domain extension options, you can express who you are and what you do. TrueName domains help you craft your unique online identity without compromising on your name.


Want your audience to find you?

71% of Google organic web traffic is captured on the first search results page. That’s why your ranking is so important. Keyword rich domain names can have a positive impact on SEO, and TrueName domains allow you to leverage keywords on both the left and right side of the “dot” while retaining a short and memorable brand.

Our high SEO impact domain names leverage descriptive words to send a strong signal to search engines and help you rank higher in the search results. More clicks, more leads, more customers.


TrueName domains come with an added layer of security that can help protect you from phishing attacks. 

Our advanced anti-phishing technology blocks imposters by preventing registrations that spoof your domain name. This industry-leading domain protection covers you for the lifetime of your domain registration, so you can rest assured knowing your brand identity is more secure.