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TrueName Domain FAQs

Yes! Google treats all top level domains (the extension after the “.”) the same when it comes to ranking in search results. Keywords are an important part of your domain, and so a domain name that includes relevant and meaningful keywords can help search engines and site visitors understand the purpose of your website. Want to learn more? This case study shows how a lawyer utilized a TrueName domain to boost his search engine ranking.

TrueName domains are new domain extensions that offer more authenticity and flexibility for choosing a name that represents you. In addition to superior choice and creative brand-building power, TrueName domains offer more security than legacy domain extensions (like .com, .net, and others)

Use your TrueName domain as you would any other domain:

  • Host your website, blog, Shopify, or Etsy story
  • Build a portfolio to showcase your unique talents
  • Use as a redirect for your online presence – easily share your social media accounts with a unique TrueName domain
  • Use your TrueName domain to create a custom email account

Protect your good name: TrueName domains use anti-phishing technology to keep you safe from imposters or hackers that use lookalike domains to deceive and defraud. This free, proactive service protects you from common forms of phishing attacks.

Donuts is the global leader in high-quality, top-level domains for unifying, managing, and amplifying digital identity. We manage the world’s largest portfolio of almost 300 new top-level domains, including: .email, .guru, .social, .restaurant, .live, and hundreds of others. In addition, we provide registrar customers with innovative services for the discovery, registration, use, and monetization of high-quality domain names. As part of our commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, Donuts constantly innovates to provide more value to customers and support registrar and reseller growth. Donuts launched TrueName™, a unique new offering that makes Donuts domains even more valuable for customers and creates immediate, ongoing revenue growth opportunities for their business. Donuts created TrueName to meet customer needs in a way that leads to incremental quality registrations and value added services attached. Learn more about Donuts.