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Your customers want to
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Busy entrepreneurs expect you to provide everything they need to get online. If you don’t sell domain names, your customers have to go elsewhere. TrueName Partner Solutions helps them get everything they need from your site, while you earn recurring revenue.

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Flexible Domain Storefront Improves User Experience

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Selling Domain Names
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Domain Names Sales
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TrueName Partner Solutions Is Here To Help

Better Domain Names

Memorable and secure top-level domains such as .education, .academy and .school help your customers stand out against competitors and reduce risk from phishing attacks.



Customizable solution with flexible search capabilities easily personalized for your customer base.

Relevant Results

Our powerful domain search engine displays the most relevant domains, driving a high conversion rate on your site.


In Demand

Education organizations are increasingly choosing specific top-level domains to clearly show that they’re in the education business.

Start Selling Domains!

...delivered what we needed – an increase in both domain registration and paid plan conversion rates – without having to continually invest in something outside of our core product.

TrueName provides tremendous value to our customers resulting in measurable lift on important KPIs. Customers exposed to TrueName domains were more likely to register them. TrueName is helping  grow our short- and long-term business.

"Going elsewhere to find a domain name created a lot of user friction. TrueName Partner Solutions’s API lets customers find and buy a domain and configure it to their website automatically."


1. Choose the domain names you want to offer from our education portfolio (.academy, .school, .education, .expert, .guru, .coach).

2. Automate domain name registration directly on your platform via our free storefront solution. We’ll help you with the setup at no cost.

3. Set your price for the domain names you offer. Our partners use our discounts to increase their profitability.

4. Enjoy a simpler project flow, happier customers, and a big decrease in domain help tickets.


There are three flexible storefront solutions:

1. API storefront: You build the front-end storefront that matches your branding and fits your product flow. Then use our partner API to connect your front-end storefront to our backend fulfillment services. This solution typically takes 2-4 weeks to implement with a dedicated development team. However, this timeline varies from partner to partner based on availability of development resources and roadmaps. See the API technical documentation here.

2. iFrame: You add an iFrame to your your website that matches your branding and fits your product flow. The iFrame connects to our fulfillment partner so your customer can search for and purchase domain names directly from our fulfillment partner via your website.

3. Landing page: Our fulfillment partner will build a branded landing page for you. You direct customers to this page to search for and purchase their domain names. Like the iFrame option, the retail price is determined by the fulfillment partner and you can’t add your own markup. Instead, you receive a revenue share from us for each domain name your customers purchase. This option requires no technical work on your part.

1. API storefront: There are two key benefits for the API solution. You have total control over the retail pricing of domain names, and DNS configuration is automated so customers don’t have to go to a third-party site to set DNS configurations for websites they build on your platform. Also, since you build the front end, you can seamlessly integrate domain names as a feature of your products so it doesn’t feel like a plug-in offer from a third party.

2. iFrame: With the iFrame solution, you can also integrate domain names into your product flows with little technical investment. However, it’s not an integrated experience like the API solution and you won’t have complete control over the retail pricing of the domain names offered. We’ll work with you on special pricing discounts so the prices offered to your customers will still be competitive and you’ll still benefit financially.

3. Landing page: The biggest benefit of this solution is that there is no technical lift on your end. However, like the iFrame solution, you won’t have complete control over the retail pricing of domain names offered. We’ll work with you on special pricing discounts so the prices offered to your customers will still be competitive and you’ll still benefit financially.

We provide robust, comprehensive documentation to make API setup as simple as possible for your team. See the API technical documentation here.

API storefront: You get paid in real-time. Here’s how it works. You create an account with our fulfillment partner and maintain a balance in that account. When your customer makes a purchase, you’ll collect the retail amount in real time. Your account balance with our fulfillment partner will then be deducted the special pricing we give you. There’s no minimum required balance for the account with our fulfillment partner, but you should maintain a balance that’s high enough to meet your customers’ demand. If your account balance runs out, purchases made by your customers won’t go through.

iFrame and landing page: You’ll receive revenue share payment on either a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the volume of domain name purchases.

API storefront: You can view the number of transactions and domain name purchases via your account page with our fulfillment partner.

iFrame and landing page: You’ll receive a monthly or quarterly statement with the number of domain name purchases and revenue share amount. The frequency depends on the volume of domain name purchases.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team to help you through setup, as well as a domain consultant team to answer any questions early in the process. There is no charge for our customer support.

The benefit of working directly with us is that we’re able to give you the best pricing on our domain names.

API storefront: Your customer has the option to continue to have the domain name registered through you, or to transfer it to another registrar.

iFrame and landing page: The domain name would continue to be registered at our fulfillment partner.

API storefront: General customer support inquiries go through your customer support team. You’ll have a dedicated account manager and escalation path with our fulfillment partner for any issues. In addition, all domain names are monitored by our fulfillment partner’s fraud and compliance teams. If the fulfillment partner detects fraudulent activity, they’ll take action on your behalf to disable the domain(s) in question.

iFrame and landing page: Our fulfillment partner will handle all customer service inquiries and issues.