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The risk is real. Protect your online identity and be one step ahead of hackers.

Phishing attacks are on the rise, 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year*.

That’s why TrueName domains come with TrueName Phishing Protection.

How homograph domain names can be used against you

By using confusingly similar Unicode letters and characters, hackers can spoof your domain name. They then use this lookalike to exploit you and your customers.

Homograph Example
Homograph Example

This problem is bigger than you might think. Based on the length and specific characters in your domain name, there could be a few hundred to a few million potential homographic variations of your domain that could be used fraudulently in phishing schemes.

TrueName comes with a free solution; when you register your TrueName, we automatically identify and block potentially malicious variations of your name, essentially preventing hackers from registering false names and using them against you.

With TrueName, you’ll be covered for the lifetime of your domain registration, preventing bad actors from misappropriating your brand, business, or identity through homographic phishing.